Safety Rulesfrom Flying Paradise

Safety rules
from Flying Paradise

Paragliding is one of the most thrilling sports that everyone can enjoy but since it involves flying at very high altitudes safety is on of the most important topics that should absolutely not be overlooked

  1. A radio, reserve, speed bar, back protection and insurance (third party, personal accident and repatriation) are mandatory. (We have harnesses and reserves for rental, speed bar for free, insurance for 95 € year).
  2. You can’t take off if there is not one of our guides with mobile phone, radio and minibus on launch. Why? Three of the injured pilots in the last 15 years have had internal bleeding. The 40 minutes saved with the minibus and the right phone call can make the difference.
  3. We might suspend the launch at any time due to weather conditions.
  4. If there are low airtime pilots in the air, you must leave them a comfortable margin when passing them, not like at Annecy!
  5. You can’t do wing-over near the launch area, at low altitude or near a landing approach. This is to avoid to scare pilots taking off and to keep the launch clear for top landings. However you\'ve got all the space you want over the sea for your SAT, loops, etc!

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